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Snow 2019 Trip 1

Updated: Jul 22, 2019


First trip of the year was a very short 1 night stay at Cronulla Lodge with Jacqueline, my current level of fitness, and lack of preparation, coupled with the remnants of the flu had me quite trepidatious about this trip. After convincing the feet that they really needed to get inside the ski boot, the rest of the day swung over to muscle memory and bravado and it was much easier than I had predicted.

My camera gear was a victim of the lightweight nature of this trip as we planned to give the logistical mess and cost of organising oversnow transport a miss by walking up to Cronulla Lodge. So photos courtesy of the iPhone

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1 Comment

David Rowley
David Rowley
Jul 19, 2019

Have a good trip, enjoy the snow.

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