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Windy Basin ! 09/08/2019

water spray
The wind is blowing the top of the chop into clouds of spray

This evenings sunset 07/08/2019

A few more kangaroos from this Morning 07/08/2019

A couple of cute kangaroos in the backyard 18/07/2019



The partial eclipse


Sunrise from the Sanctuary Point Boat ramp 11/07/2019

sunrise boat ramp
A 5 photo panorama from Sanctuary Point boat ramp; Thursday morning 11 July

The strong westerly winds had kept the early morning fisherman in bed, and was pushing a variety of clouds very quickly across the Basin.The boat ramp area provided some protection from the wind and had attracted a few different birds.

The clouds were being pushed fairly fast across the St Georges Basin and the presence of the birds required a much different camera setup than normal with higher shutter speeds and consequently higher ISO settings to prevent everything from being blurred.


Below is a slideshow use the arrows to navigate



Like a fish out of water: St Georges Basin


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