Recent Bird Photos

I'm trying to capture birds on the wing rather than birds on a stick... however these are mainly on a "stick" but nonetheless I still enjoy their company. #birds

Tuesday 13th August

A quick snapshot of some the birds in the backyard this morning and whilst the White Bellied Sea Eagle was not actually in the backyard the photo was taken from the backyard.

Rainbow Lorikeet (the Bully Bird )


Superb Fairy Wren


Grey Fantail sitting on his favourite stick


White headed Pigeon


White Bellied Sea Eagle


Red Browed Finch


Rainbow Lorikeet


Thursday 24th July

Water was the theme of the day

First photo is a grey Fantail which completely submerges itself in the birdbath #greyfantail

Second photo is a White Headed Pigeon who hasn't mastered the art of drinking #whiteheadedpigeon

Third photo is my favourite a silver eye standing on a rock in the middle of the birdbath #silvereye

Wednesday 24th July

Eastern Spinebill taken in the backyard.


Red Browed Finches in and around the Bird Feeder


Fairy Wren

Fairy Wren
Taken at the bird feeder 24/07/2019


Monday 22nd July

Eastern Osprey, not your everyday garden variety visitor.

photo taken in the "extended" backyard.


A Silvereye at the birdbath


Friday 19th July

Crested Pidgeon in the backyard, this pidgeons are obviously related to the Bronze wings judging by their colourful wings.


Thursday 18th July

White Browed Scrubwren

White browed scrub wren
In the backyard : 18/07/2019


Rainbow Lorrikeets

Rainbow lorikeets
Watching on high, in the backyard : 18/07/2019


Spotted Dove

Always visits with its partner, a daily visitor, usually in the afternoon.

Spotted Dove
Spotted Dove sits on the neighbours bird feeder : 18/07/2019


Lewin's Honeyeater