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Why give images away ?

I have been a photographer for a long time and thus I have over 150,000 photographs stored away on hard drives. 

The question is what do I do with them ?

They have no value at all where they currently sit, so do you delete them, try and sell them, or give them away.

In reality I'm going to try all three, delete some, potentially sell some, and give some away for the reasons below. 

"Yes, you can have that image for free — perhaps not because it has no value, but because I simply want you to see what I can see. I want to share in the joy of this world’s beauty.


Beauty has always been free. It came in the box with sunlight and eyeballs. It was granted to us upon birth as we first laid eyes upon our beautiful mothers and then mother earth.

The image, in that scenario, is only a document of our mutual appreciation for it. And maybe taking money off the table in that discussion is actually what helps it remain beautiful. 


For those of us with extreme empathy and a wide-eyed approach to seeing the world, finding the beautiful all around us and capturing it is a deep and glorious honor."


Josh S. Rose

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